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Transfer Case Repair

The transfer case is a crucial component of four-wheel drive vehicles – your vehicle’s transfer case serving to distribute torque from the transmission to the axles. With decades of transmission and transfer case repair experience, the specialists at Best Western will ensure you follow all the necessary maintenance and repair schedules, keeping your 4WD vehicle working just as it should.

What is a Transfer Case?

For full-time four-wheel drive and partial four-wheel drive vehicles, engine power is transferred, depending on the driving option chosen by the driver, to both the front and the rear axles. If you own one of these vehicles, you can spot the transfer case by looking just behind your vehicle’s transmission.

A transfer case is not found in full-time two-wheel drive vehicles. For these vehicles, splitting the engine’s power between front and rear wheels is not needed, and the torque is transferred directly to one axle.

In most 4WD vehicles, the transfer case is driven by a chain. While this is often preferred option chain-driven transfer cases are much quieter, if you frequently take your vehicle off-road, you may go for a gear driven transfer case with increased durability.

Your vehicle’s transfer case allows you to switch between neutral, two-wheel drive, high four-wheel drive, and low four-wheel drive. When switching to two-wheel drive, the transfer case directs the engine’s power to the rear wheels. When switching to four-wheel drive, the transfer case directs power to both front and rear wheel axles.

Transfer Case Maintenance

If your vehicle requires transfer case repairs, rebuilds or replacement, Best Western is your most trusted option in the Fort Collins area. All our repairs are done with the utmost care and attention to detail by certified technicians. Transfer case servicing includes a complete inspection plus removal and repair (or replacement) of bearings, gaskets, gears, seals, and the transfer case chain.

Given the transfer case’s importance to your vehicle, it is crucial that you make sure this component is regularly and properly maintained. Bring your vehicle for inspection by a trusted transmission repair shop. Regular maintenance will enhance the performance of your vehicle and keep your transfer case in top condition.

Don’t wait until it’s too late and more damage is done. Contact us today at 970-484-6255 and have your vehicle checked out by the Fort Collins area’s top transmission repair experts.