Frequently Asked Questions

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General Automotive Questions

Q: My vehicle isn't drivable, what should I do?

A: Call Best Western Transmission. Our Service Writers can help evaluate your situation and arrange for towing if needed.

Q: How do I tow my own vehicle?

A: For vehicles with All Wheel Drive (AWD) can only be towed on a flat bed tow truck will all four (4) wheels off the ground. Towing with 2 or 4 wheels on the ground will quickly cause more damage which will lead to an expensive repair.

To tow a vehicle with front wheel drive, it is strongly recommended that you not tow your vehicle with any wheels on the ground (using a tow bar, or pull behind tow), even if you disconnect the transmission.
Do not drive faster than 45 miles per hour. You should limit the distance you take your car in tow.

Q: Do you offer free towing?
A: Yes, we offer free towing for qualifying repairs. For complete information, please check our towing page.
Q: Do you offer a warranty?

A: At most transmission repair shops you are lucky to get a one or two year warranty. At Best Western Transmission we offer a  nationwide, 3 year, unlimited mileage warranty on automatic transmission rebuilds

Q: How can I check my vehicle for fluid leaks?
A: Discovering a leak early can help to avoid further damage to your transmission and save you a lot of money. The ideal method for finding leaks is to park your vehicle on a clean, clear spot (putting cardboard underneath the vehicle will protect our garage or driveway). The area should be level. Twenty-four (24) hours later, look at where the vehicle has been parked to see if it is leaking fluid.

  • Some Fluid colors when new or not abused:
  • Red, Pink or Light Brown – Transmission Fluid
  • Green or Orange – Engine Coolant
    Brown or Black – Engine Oil
  • Light Brown – Power Steering Fluid
  • Brown – Differential Fluid

A leak in any one of these systems is something that will not get better on its own and will affect the performance and safety of your vehicle. if you are leaking anything, give the closest Best Western Transmission a call and we will do all we can to help put you safely back on the road.

Q: What should I do if I am leaking transmission fluid?
A: An automatic transmission fluid leak is not something to ignore. The automatic transmission fluid serves to cool and lubricate. With an automatic transmission, the fluid transfers power and provides necessary hydraulic pressure to operate the internal parts of the transmission. All of these functions are affected when the automatic transmission fluid is leaking and is now low from that leak. As the amount of transmission fluid goes down, your transmission will begin slipping which causes overheating. This results in damage to the transmission and could ultimately require a major repair to enable the transmission to function properly. If there is a leak, small or large, give the closest Best Western Transmission a call, and we will do all we can to help put you safely back on the road, by giving you the honest advice you need.
Q: My engine light has come on, is this something that needs immediate attention?
A: If the engine light comes on, it needs to be checked. The engine light is advanced warning from the vehicle’s computer system. Initially, it may be a simple problem. However, if you ignore it, what may have been a simple repair may become a major one. You shouldn’t ignore this light and have it checked as soon as possible. At Best Western Transmission, we will check the codes on your vehicle for no charge as part of our free External Diagnostic Inspection.
Q: What dashboard lights need immediate attention and which ones aren't as critical?
A: When you first start your vehicle, all the dashboard lights come on as a safety test. All the lights should go off when the test is complete. You should check your owner’s manual to make sure you are familiar with what each warning light represents. If any of the following lights are one, you should have your vehicle checked as soon as possible: Engine light, Oil light, ABS light, Traction light, SRS (airbag) and Tire Pressure Light. Having your vehicle checked when you see any of these lights is important for safety, and also to prevent the need for a costly repair. At Best Western Transmission, we will check the codes on your vehicle for no charge as part of our free External Diagnostic
Q: I hear an occasional noise from the front of my car. Do I need to worry about it?
A: A noise is a warning of a possible problem. Every noise should be checked by a qualified technician. If a noise is left unchecked, it can lead to bigger problems and larger, more expensive repairs. Or, you could be left stranded on the side of the road. Schedule an appointment to bring in your vehicle in to the nearest Best Western Transmission and have it checked by one of our technicians with a no charge External Diagnostic Inspection.