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Driving a manual transmission vehicle can be a fun, rewarding, and low maintenance experience. More than simply putting the car into gear, manual shifting is a little dance involving pressing the clutch, moving shift the lever, and slowly releasing the clutch while increasing throttle to get your car moving.

Every start and shift require a combination of movements and moving parts. And every clutch eventually starts to wear out, causing your gears to slip as you attempt to accelerate. If you catch it early and have it checked out right away, it can be no big worry.

Contact your local clutch repair specialists at Best Western Transmission today. We’ll set your schedule for regular maintenance and needed repairs so that you can continue to enjoy the feel of your manual transmission for many thousands more miles.

Parts of a Clutch

A clutch typically consists of several components:

Clutch disk: a friction device making the connection between the transmission and the engine

Flywheel: the component giving the clutch disk a surface to hold

Pressure plate: the component holding the clutch disk to the flywheel

Throwout bearing: the part which presses the levers on the pressure plate when you press the clutch pedal to release the clutch

Signs You May Need Clutch Repair

Some common signs that your clutch may be near to failure include high engine revving with little or no acceleration, burning smells, squeaking or grinding noises when the clutch is depressed, a stiff or spongy pedal feel, general difficulties shifting, or sudden losses of acceleration (called a slipping clutch).

Failures in the clutch system can be mechanical or hydraulic. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, we recommend getting the clutch system diagnosed.

With decades of experience working on manual transmissions, the technicians at Best Western are your trusted source for experienced and reliable clutch service, repair, and replacement in Fort Collins. We’ll thoroughly check your vehicle’s clutch and transmission, see whether any slipping can be fixed with minor adjustments, or determine if you need a larger repair or a whole new clutch.

Whatever they discover, you can count on straightforward, honest, and reasonably priced information and service that gets you back to smooth and comfortable driving in no time. If your car’s clutch is slipping or showing other signs of wear, make an appointment today by calling 970-484-6255​.