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Differential Repair

Car and Truck Differential Repairs and Rebuilds

The differential is one of the most important components of your vehicle’s engine. At Best Western Transmission, our certified technicians take pride in being experts on every last part of your vehicle. Whether it’s a simple maintenance procedure or a complete replacement job, you can trust the work will be fast and efficient, done correctly and as affordably as possible.

What Does the Differential Do?

The differential allows drive wheels to turn at different speeds; every car and truck on the road today has some sort of differential. Some are built into the transaxle while others are separate components, connecting the transmission output to the drive wheels.
By providing various amounts of power to your wheels, the differential allows your vehicle to move at various speeds. The differential ensures the right amount of speed is transmitted to your tires via the transmission and engine. This allows your wheels to rotate in conjunction with changes of acceleration and power.
As your front tires require different speeds than your rear tires, your vehicle has both front and rear differentials. Just as your car’s engine and transmission must be kept in good working order for your car to operate safely, your car’s differential must also be in good working order to keep your car stays properly in motion.

Differentials allow your car to comfortably and safely turn corners. As you turn, outside wheels must drive farther and rotate faster than inside wheels. A properly functioning differential allows your drive wheels to turn at different speeds while still providing torque.

While this may seem complicated – involving a series of gears rotating in relation to one another while still transmitting power – it’s all crucial to keeping your vehicle’s tires from skipping and sliding as you go around a curve.

Let Us Be Your Differential Repair Experts

The good news is that there’s just one main thing you need to know about your car or truck’s differential. The mechanics at Best Western Transmission know differentials inside out and backwards, from all the major manufacturers, even the limited slip differentials used in many modern cars or trucks.

We’re experts in inspecting and testing differentials, and we know how to fix them efficiently when something isn’t working as it should. From simple leaks to complete rebuilds, we’ve got the experience and know-how to find and fix the problem, getting you back on the road, fast.

If you think your car has an issue with the differential and are worried about the cost and complexity of a repair, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Call us today and bring your vehicle by for an honest and friendly diagnosis: 970-484-6255​