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Drive shaft repair

Expert Drive Shaft Repair Services 

A drive shaft is a mechanical rotating tube transferring torque from your vehicle’s transmission to the differential. Drive shafts transfer an enormous amount of torque and load with high-speed vibrations and twisting force. In order to power your vehicle smoothly, drive shafts must remain lightweight, strong, and vibration free.

With many years of drive shaft repair experience, our team of mechanics will identify any issues, explain everything clearly and honestly, and give you all the options for getting your repair work done as quickly as possible.

How a drive shaft works

In rear-wheel drive vehicles, you will find one or two long drive shafts running the length of your vehicle, from the transmission to the rear differential. In vehicles like this, the drive shaft transfers power from the engine, though the transmission, and down the length of the car to the rear differential, to make the back-drive wheels turn.

To increase drive shaft flexibility, in most rear-wheel drive vehicles you will also find U-joints (also called universal joints) at both ends of the drive shaft. These U-joints will eventually fail on high mileage vehicles. If any vibrations are detected at high speeds, these should be replaced immediately.

Signs Your Drive Shaft Needs Repair

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, there may be a problem with your drive shaft or your drive shaft’s U joint connection:

Clunking noises when the vehicle is moving

Resistance when steering the car around corners

Unusual squeaking or rattling noises

Strong vibrations coming from the floor of your vehicle

Vibration that intensifies when your car accelerates

Visible play in the U joints when you grab and move the drive shaft

Visible indications of U joint wear, including rust around the yoke

When should you have your drive shaft and U joints inspected?

The amount of time between servicing your vehicle’s drivetrain and drive shaft varies widely depending on the climate and conditions in which you are driving. A vehicle’s drive shaft and U joints don’t have a typical shelf life.

Still, since your vehicle cannot function without a drive shaft, it is highly recommended that you bring your vehicle to your local drive shaft repair shop for service at the first sign of unnatural sounds, play, vibrations, resistance, clunks, or squeaking.

For more information about drive shaft repairs, U joints, and whether or not your vehicle needs to be repaired, contact our experts today at 970-484-6255.