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Transmission Repair and Auto Repair Diagnosis

Just like annual checkups with your physician keep you on top of your health, your car or truck needs regular diagnostic tests to detect any problems before they become major repairs. And while many people think diagnostic tests are only necessary when the check engine light comes on, there are many benefits to taking a proactive approach to car maintenance.

Sometimes worry about costs and time off the road causes you to put off getting that needed repair diagnosis. Unfortunately, this can lead to costly repairs, wasted time, and unnecessary frustration and inconvenience.

Best Western offers free diagnosis with all repairs so you can rest assured all you’ll be paying for are repairs and maintenance that are absolutely necessary. Before your vehicle develops bigger issues, bring your vehicle to a professional. Our experienced technicians will begin by performing an External Diagnostic Inspection.


External Diagnostic Inspections

External Diagnostic Inspection is a process for evaluating the condition and performance of your vehicle. One of our expert technicians will complete the following checkups and assessments on your vehicle:

checking the level and condition of your transmission fluid

performing a computer scan of your vehicle to check for transmission codes as well as other codes that might affect your transmission

checking the operation of your car or truck by performing a road test. We’ll look to verify your concerns and check for unusual sounds, handling, and vibrations that may point to the issues

placing your vehicle on a lift to inspect your transmission, the external linkage, and controls


Additional Diagnostics and Tests

Most vehicles can be accurately diagnosed through our External Diagnostic Inspection.  However, sometimes cases are a little more complex and require additional diagnostic time. This more extensive analysis includes pinpointing any electrical problems and conducting some additional, more specific tests.

If this additional diagnosis work needs to be done, you will be notified right away. And nothing will be done without your authorization. Usually, all that is needed to correctly identify the issue is 1 to 2 hours of additional repair diagnosis time. 

Whether it’s a minor maintenance procedure or a major replacement repair, you can trust our technicians to walk you through every step and all the payment options, if needed. We’ll also do everything possible to make the whole process as smooth and comfortable as possible for you. This includes free shuttles to and from our shop.

Don’t hesitate when it seems like your vehicle may need repair. We’re committed to making your transmission repair experience stress and worry-free. Give us a call today: 970-484-6255​.