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The trained and certified technicians at Best Western will quickly identify any problem your car is having. We’re familiar with all the little parts and strange quirks of a wide range of cars and trucks, and we know how to identify the correct symptoms, guiding us straight to the roots of the problem.

And perhaps most importantly, you can trust that our technicians will be upfront and honest about costs. No hidden charges or mysterious bills for unexplained parts.
Because we offer you free diagnosis with repairs, free shuttle services, and help you arrange trustworthy towing services, you can keep your mind clear. All you need to think about is the repairs that need to be done. And that’s our specialty. You can rest easily, knowing your trusted vehicle is in the best hands.

The Transmission Shop Near Me That’s Always Got Your Back

Whether it’s shuttling your family, grabbing groceries, or the using your truck for the work that keeps food on your table, you can count on the fact that Best Western Transmission will get your vehicle back on the road quickly and at an affordable price!

And while transmission repair is in our name, we are specialists in all types of auto repair and service for cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles, both domestic and foreign.

Sometimes searching for a transmission shop near me can be an anxiety inducing experience. Who can I trust? Will they do only the necessary repairs? How much will it cost just to find out what’s wrong?

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Set up your auto or transmission repair appointment today: 970-484-6255​.

The Repairs You Need and Service You Can Trust

When you bring your car or truck to Best Western, no matter your transmission or auto repair issues, you can trust that you’ll never pay for work that isn’t absolutely necessary. You’ll never pay for something that wasn’t explained to and approved by you, beforehand. You’ll only be paying with the absolute best parts and service. And you’ll only pay for legitimate procedures and essential repairs. Nothing else.

If you start to hear a strange sound, notice something isn’t right about your ride, or see one of those annoying lights on your dash come on, give us a call. Whether it’s your vehicle’s electrical system that’s causing you concern, your vehicle just isn’t running correctly, or it’s simply time for routine maintenance or an oil change, our technicians will give you all the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about what to get done and when to do it.

We know how to diagnose any problem with your vehicle and fix it properly, efficiently, and correctly – the first time. That’s our promise to you.

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Your vehicle’s transmission is a crucial factor in ensuring you and your family get around safely, smoothly, and reliably. Whether heavy duty or low range, manual or automatic, the transmission is a vital piece of your vehicle’s drivetrain.


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Fully functioning brake systems are crucial to ensuring a safe and secure ride for your family, your passengers, and other drivers on the road. More goes into your car’s brake system than you might think, and everything needs to be working just so to keep you safely on the road.


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All those bumps add up, and issues with your suspension could develop over time. Very large bumps may even cause your car to bottom out. In those cases, when the bottom of your vehicle hits the road or another object, you may need a car suspension repair immediately.


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Driving a manual transmission vehicle can be a fun, rewarding, and low maintenance experience. More than simply putting the car into gear, manual shifting is a little dance involving pressing the clutch, moving shift the lever, and slowly releasing the clutch while increasing throttle to get your car moving.


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The differential is one of the most important components of your vehicle’s engine. At Best Western Transmission, our certified technicians take pride in being experts on every last part of your vehicle. Whether it’s a simple maintenance procedure or a complete replacement job, you can trust the work will be fast and efficient, done correctly and as affordably as possible.


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A drive shaft is a mechanical rotating tube transferring torque from your vehicle’s transmission to the differential. Drive shafts transfer an enormous amount of torque and load with high-speed vibrations and twisting force. In order to power your vehicle smoothly, drive shafts must remain lightweight, strong, and vibration free.


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Transfer Case

The transfer case is a crucial component of four-wheel drive vehicles – your vehicle’s transfer case serving to distribute torque from the transmission to the axles. With decades of transmission and transfer case repair experience, the specialists at Best Western will ensure you follow all the necessary maintenance and repair schedules, keeping your 4WD vehicle working just as it should.


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Whether its bus fleets, delivery vans, or tradesman trucks, we have the expertise to keep your business rolling. When repairs are needed, you can count on quick and efficient service that minimizes downtime, getting your vehicles back to business. With ASE certified technicians, state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, and large vehicle bays, Best Western is more than equipped to handle all your commercial vehicle repair needs.