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Our Commitment to You

In what is often considered a fly-by-night industry, increasingly dominated by national chains, Best Western Transmission has proven longevity. We’ve been locally owned since our founding in 1975.

You can count on us to be here tomorrow, next year, and many years from now to honor your warranty and to continue providing you with the same exceptional service. We also foster long-term careers with our employees – many have been with the company for close to 25 years.

Proud to be locally owned, we believe that supporting local small businesses helps grow our local community and builds stable and rewarding local employment. With our honest service and local roots, we aim to change the reputation of the automotive repair industry in general, and the transmission industry in particular.

We understand how important your vehicle is to you. And we understand the costs and stresses of vehicle ownership and will never take advantage of lack of knowledge or experience.

Because we also know how the fear of repair costs may cause you to delay bringing in your vehicle for repair, we offer an affordable external diagnostic inspection. Before we begin any work on your vehicle, we give you an estimate of all the work we feel needs to be done. Our experts will explain this work in detail, create a repair schedule with you, and discuss all the payment options available.

Furthermore, we follow the mantra that Rebuilding Is Better Than Replacing. It is often cheaper to rebuild your automatic transmission than to replace it. We’ll do everything we can to make your original equipment work before considering a full replacement.

Owner David Berney

David Berney is a respected and recognized Colorado auto repair mechanic. An ASE Certified master technician, he earned an automotive certificate at Front Range Community College.

Beyond his credentials, auto repair is in his blood. His father Steve was in the business and passed on his commitments to quality repairs, affordable prices, and locally-owned and community-focused businesses to his son.

Ask any of his clients and they’ll tell you that David is a true transmission and auto repair expert. He genuinely knows his way around all varieties of cars and trucks! Whether it’s a Toyota or a Mercedes, a diesel van or a Fiat, David knows it inside and out.

David is also constantly learning about new technologies and new models of cars and trucks. He keeps up with all the latest trends in automotive repair, he finds new ways to provide the best quality repairs at the most affordable prices, and of course, he stands by any work he does.

In addition to David, at Best Western Transmission, all mechanics are fully certified and have the right experience needed to do every job as it should be done, the first time.

If you’re looking for friendly, honest, and reliable auto and transmission repair in Fort Collins, you’ve found it. Sincerity, integrity, and top quality work are the cornerstones of this business.

Call us today and join our commitment to keeping your vehicle on the road – safely, comfortably, and affordably: 970-484-6255. ​



Problems with your car or truck don’t have to become a nightmare. Because troubles with your vehicle often mean not being able to drive to your closest mechanic, we partner with local towing companies to offer you assistance when needed.



Once you’ve gotten your vehicle into the shop, you don’t want to feel completely stuck without your wheels. One of the biggest frustrations of leaving your car at the transmission or auto repair shop is figuring out how to get where you need to go next.



Just like annual checkups with your physician keep you on top of your health, your car or truck needs regular diagnostic tests to detect any problems before they become major repairs. 

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